Saturday, November 10, 2018

Revolutionary Act.

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Black Warrior Princess.

Breast cancer survivor and breast cancer awareness advocate, a Chicago legend, a fashion Goddess, a business owner, one of society’s most renowned clothiers, a dynamic speaker, a motivator, and is simply “cooler than a fan”. 
Some call her a Black Warrior Princess…but her mother named her Barbara Bates.
 Many may know Barbara for her timeless fashions, amazing runway shows, and by being amongst those given the opportunity to dress/style a few household names i.e. Sinbad, Ce Ce Winans, Bernie Mac, Michael Jordan, “Iron Mike” (Tyson), Val Warner, and the list goes on and on!
In the midst of being a style maven “leather Queen”, Barbara also survived breast cancer. 
With a Stage Three diagnosis in June 2009, Barbara was in for the fight of her life. 
While taking chemo, she would STILL come in to work… “gotta keep it movin”, she says. She states that she had to get into “survival mode”, because not only was she dealing with a terminal illness, to which there was no history of breast cancer in her immediate family, she was dealing with the fact that her youngest son was facing 19 years in federal prison for a non-violent offense (conspiracy to distribute drugs). 
In the midst of caring for her family, and running her business, she still managed to survive, and ultimately defeat breast cancer.

I call her the ‘Black Warrior Princess” because so many 
would have given up, let depression set in, and may have even stopped focusing on a reason to live. 
That wasn’t Barbara. When you’re clear on your purpose, you fight for that purpose. 
She continues with her fabulous fashion designing skills and this past August, she celebrated the 5th annual “Walk Where You Live” Breast Cancer 5K Walk/Run, sponsored by the Barbara Bates Foundation. 

So she not only understands the importance of fighting for self, but she also understands the benefit of being in the fight for others dealing with this disease.
 Listen…if you want to see a TRUE Black Warrior Princess at work? Take time to visit her website at   

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Southside Economic Development Project


There’s been many social changes since The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s with the struggle for human equality but remains difficult 2 comprehend how another person can ever claim superiority over another.

The audacity.

 Fast forward to 2016 where rights remain violated due to the color of a person’s skin, gender & faith. 


This is why I see an importance of keeping this particular segment of history alive & brought to the forefront. 

With the recent pulse of bold ignorance exhibited by insecure grumpy men young & old, the sacrifices of those before me who laid their lives on the line cannot & will not be dismissed.

Despite the dangers during that period, peaceful demonstration displayed the power of the human spirit & exposed the foul attitudes of those who oppose. 

Regardless, heads remain high….  
Sprayed with high powered water hoses, beaten with police batons, mauled by dogs, even killed clearly shows the true face of injustice that continues 2 this very day. 

So ask yourself, are you part of the solution or part of the problem?

C’mon man!!
Why should we even have to explain such a basic life principle that should be considered common decency?

History has the tendency to repeat itself but is our responsibility 2 prevent such painful events from reoccurring. 

So now is the time for all of us 2 do “betta” yall.

Here is the first installment of a series explaining the relevance of that time & what it means 2 be me.

Peace!…with 2 fingers;)

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